Zanzibar, what?


My report about zanzibar, in 2015. Many people asked me, where is zanzibar? The german people were joking, we know zanzibar is on sylt island...;) a small island in the north of germany. And there is a bar with name of "zanzibar"



But people, which love to travel like me, know excatly where is zanzibar...:) 


i had zanzibar in my mind some years before, but it was'nt succesful to see zanzibar and now it was not my first idea to go to zanzibar, but i was late, to organize my vacations for that year. That's also a reason why i couldn't find the right flights and hotels in mexico, my favorite. 

After that problems, i had remembered africa, specially zanzibar, i have found a nice hotel and flight for a serious price. 


After that, i had organizied everything, like a visa and my travel papers and so on. I was glad and tense also, what will be happen there, i had no idea. 


My flight was usually from Frankfurt to Addis Ababa and to Zanzibar, but we stopped also in Da res Salaam, a big surprise. And the airline was a little bit confused with our luggages, we got the order to go out, on the rollfield and had to identify our laggages. I felt, i am home in africa....:) 


But all was fine and i arrived saftey. The transfer from the airport (the smallest one what i have ever seen) to my hotel was around 45 minutes, we drove across many small towns, with schools, shops or markets. That was a nice first view on the life of the locals, how they live there. 


As i arrvied in my Hotel ( Dream of Zanzibar), it had given a really friendly welcome. First, i wachted my room, it was a nice one, really beautyful. After i had showered, i went out and walked across the Hotel, i had taken a view on the pool, the restaurants, the small shop and the beach of course. I can say it was a fantastic hotel, with friendly and smiling stuff, good food and a clear facility. That hotel was a 4,5 * house, i was really satisfied there. 

On a second day, i heared by guide that i have to change my hotel after 2 weeks, because my hotel will close to prepare for the new season. That was a little bit pitty, but they booked me in the daughter house a 5* hotel (Hideaway) with the same management in the north of zanzibar (Nungwi Beach). "The Dream of Zanzibar" was on the eastcoast (Kiwengwa) with so a beautiful beach. 

On the beach you got the possibilities to buy some souveniers, by the masai or "beach boys". I had a good contact to them, they had organized some trips for me. I have visited Stone Town (Zanzibar Town) walked there through the streets, was on the habour and relaxt in the sun. Enjoyed a coffee in a cafe and than, i have seen the mercury house. (Freddy Mercury is born as Farrokh Bulsara, 5. september 1946 on Zanzibar Town, he was the singer of the famous band Queen) 





Amazing Beach, Kiwengwa. 



Sunset Nungwi Beach

Breathtaking Sunsets in the North of Zanzibar.




Another excursion was on the spicy farm, really interesting expierence to see a three of cinnomon,  ginger plants, vanilla plants or the lipstick fruit. (I will show you later some pictures about). 

At lunch time, we were allowed to enjoy a wonderful african lunch on the farm. It was chicken, fish, rice and coconut milk, vegetables, sweet potatoes and different spices, really, really delicous. 


I met there, a lot of wonderful people. It makes me proud. Some people from german, for example Lukas or Matthias with his wife, but also so nice african. We went out of hotel and walked to next village, there was a scoccer field, where the africans played every day around 5.00 o'clock p.m. We watched the game and Lukas played also, nice expierence. After that contact, some people on the street, in village or on beach said "Hello again" to us and asked if we come again tomorrow to play scoccer. The coach has given an offer to us, to play continue for his team. They was really friendly and sincere. 


In my third week on zanzibar, i made something with two african friends, which i had met before. We relaxed on the beach together, with some drinks, nice talks and the sun. Also we have made a tour with a small boat over the clear ocean and watched the daily sunset. 

We visited also a beach party together, close to my hotel. It was just an unbelievable time, what i will never forget. Thank you much guys! You will be always in my mind and heart. 


I had so many wonderful moments on zanzibar, i can just say "go to zanzibar!"


I know about the extreme nice hotels and beaches, but and these is a big wish, leave the hotels, go out, meet locals in village and see how the people live there. It's another world, the people earn not so much money, have often not enough clothes or something to eat and that is the real side of zanzibar. In mind, it is important to create the right pictures in your head about zanzibar and both sides are important for that.  


My friends, take care....see you soon! 


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