My packing list "worldwide"

Ich präsentiere euch hier demnächst meine "packing list" fürs Reisen weltweit. 





Today, i will present some of my travel topics and tools. Some of that things make my travel adventures so much easier. I like order and some products are really helpful. I bought some new things, i will show you next time. When you have some ideas or suggestions, i am open for that whole time, i am looking often for new gadgets.


Yours, Fred



So guy's, some of us are extreme traveller, they can go just with a bag around the world, but that's nothing for everyone. Usually, the most of us need his baggage, but you can improve your packing style. In my mind it's easy to travel with a small weight. I go with 11 till 15 kilogram on a trip, that must be enough. When i go for two weeks, than i fill my baggage for 8 days and when i need something more, i can buy all over the world, that's not a high problem.


Also, i organize my baggage with special organizer, i love to have order in my baggage. Is so much better, because nothing is loosely and i can find everything really fast. Another thing is to buy just small care products for the flight and for the weight in my baggage.


Every new flight is a chance to optimize your packing style and often you neend't so many things, in your vacation.


My most weight are the devices like the mobile phone, tablet, camera and so on, what i need for my travel blog.


You like shopping? Okay than fly around the world with an empty baggage and buy something in your vacations, is more fun like in your daily routine and you can go with a smaller weight. :)

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