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Hey guy's! Some lines about me and my idea for this site!



So, i'm Fred from germany. I am 34 years old. I lived in the north of german, my city was Kiel, is close to Hamburg (80 km away). Before i moved to Kiel, in 2010, i lived over 20 years in Flensburg, is excatly on the bound to denmark. Right now, this year i went to swiss with my girlfriend and we work in one best city's in the world, zurich. A new Chapter is born, it is a big adventure for us in a new environment.


I worked as a critical care nurse, in a big hospital in german. I need for this hard job, a lot of energie and i get my power for the job and daily routine in my journey's. Now i changed the country, but the job is the same.


15 years back, my parents told me "Fred, you have to go in another country for a year to make new expierence"  but my answer was, no! I am happy here with my life. Deep in my mind, i had an interesting for asia, because it's so different like europe, the food, the culture, the religions and the people also. Some years later, i have been saved my money, for a trip to asia. My destination should be china. I booked a circular tour to china, organized by an agent. It should be my first trip, alone, of the other side of the world. Of course, i was nervous, it was my  first flight, my first journey alone...without travel expierence, that was really a big challenge for me. 

The flight was about Paris to Beijing, with a extreme shortly stopover by 45 minutes.  It was scares to get the airplane to Beijing. The airport "Charles de gaulle" is a  big one, often you arrive on one side and your connention flight is completely on the opposite. I remember, that was really stressful. I was really tensed,  had stomach pain and was afraid to miss my connection flight. But all was succesful, the flights, the journey and my coming home. 

After this first trip to china in 2006, i was in the same year on the wonderful island Ibiza (Spain) and one year later in Thailand and Cambodia. This 3 journey's, were my first travel expierence, after these time, i have felt, my passion for travel is awaked. 


2006 was the first journey, now is 2016, 10 years later. But my feeling is the same, i still feel the same passion to travel like any years ago.  


About the years, more and more people asked me for suggentions, tips and my experience, ask me if can make a site for informations, contacts, picture and more. 


Now you can see the answer..;) i have made a page and will report from all over the world, when i go on travel or when i stay at home. 


I will write sometimes in english, to improve my skills and sometimes in german. 


So, when you have some questions, some suggentions or what 

ever, tell me! I will see how i can use your support or maybe how i can support you. 


Yours, Fred


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