My list of visited countries is already grown, but i am not finish. 


Travel, is helful for your mind, to make new expierence, to be straight and to hold your feets on the ground. 

Last years, my list on visited countries, is really grown, but i haven't lost my passion for travel.

In my mind, is one of the best things, what you can do. It give you so much, expierence for your life, you meet extraordinary people, you are on the best hotspots in the world, with awesome landcapes, what you will never forget. You can see, best hotels, wonderful beaches and many, many other things in a rich shinning world, where we moving often. But, don't forget the other side, many people on our earth, have not enough to eat, to drink and often just old, dirty clothes. When we get the possibilities, to travel.....than i think, we have also the responsibililty to support the poor people. It musn't be, to give them money, you can support with balls, clothes, food, water or whatever is possible. But make it! 

My important clue for you is, leave the hotels, go out and meet locals. You will learn so many things about the countries, the local life, with her pleasure and her problems. You will get some hints for hotspots, bars, transfers and so on.  

So, I will write about the countries and my expierence there, sometimes in english and sometimes in german. You can see, that are many countrys. I need a lot of time to write about every place, but step by step, i will fill my site with informations, pictures and reports. 




Ausflug in Wüste Dubai's



South Africa

Besuch im Township "Langa" in Kapstadt.




Besuch der großen Mauer in der Nähe Pekings. 


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